Access without an email?HOW?

Rabco boats was sold recently & we are having a hard time getting the domain, or access in order to switch the host, etc… The domain is The prior owner was Joel Dye. If you happen to have {redacted} as the email on file, that email does not work, anything sent to it will be returned undeliverable. Please let me know how to proceed to get access to my account attached to the domain

That domain is registered at Namecheap. I don’t know where it’s actually hosted, as it’s proxied behind Cloudflare which hides the origin.

You can certainly go to Namecheap and point the name servers elsewhere, but I suggest you go through Rabco’s books to find out who they’ve been paying for hosting. But you may face the same issue at the host for logging in.

Thanks for that. A little bit more to add to my notes & go forward with, HOWEVER Unfortunately NameCheap says the domain is is pointed to CloudFlare. So as you can see I’m going in circles getting no where fast.

NameCheap is correct. DNS points to Cloudflare because Cloudflare is the proxy. Cloudflare isn’t going to tell you where the site is hosted because you’re not the account owner here.

My suggestions pretty much cover it. Research company records to see where it’s hosted, or you’ll have to start from scratch, which means getting a new host and pointing NameCheap to the new place.

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