Access website over cloudflare tunnel without authentication

I am just getting started with Cloudflare. This is for personal home use.
I have a docker installation with the cloudflare image and several other Web based images running.
I have added two domain names and configured DNS properly.
I have built a tunnel through zero trust and configured two of the (docker) web servers as applications. I have configured access policies and assigned them to the tunnel. Everything is working as desired for them. I want to force authentication to access those sites.

Now for my third web server, I would like to allow anonymous access. I do not want any type of authentication mechanism prior to landing on the page. This does not appear to be an option with zero trust. Please correct me if I am wrong.
This is where I am having an issue and have been unable to find how to configure the desired access.

I have watched any number of configuration videos showing access to a web server over a tunnel without any auth challenge, but this is not the experience I have. Removing the One Time Pin option from security gives me an error on all websites. Got it. It appears any tunnel access requires some type of auth. I have removed the application thinking DNS is pointing directly to the tunnel, and as you know that broke access so I put it back.

I have seen a doc that uses “routing for test” to bypass an access policy. I assume this is completely unsecured and not the desired way?

Is there a way to grant access to a site over a tunnel without auth?

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