Access was denied or ip blocked 1020: Access Denied


Few days ago my ISP changed my network to CG-Nat without my knowledge, for which I have rectified it recently. I have scanned for viruses in my pc which might have caused the issues too and I have uninstalled few extention as well , im not the site owner just a user and im unable to get in contact with the site admin due to anonymity

Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c18bd5d5933aae3

Website owners can literally do what they want to do with their websites, that’s beyond the control of Cloudflare, even when the website owner choose to use Cloudflare.

Contact the website owner, and at the bare minimum, include the Ray ID you see on the error page, and they will be able to dig deeper in to the situation with you.

Note that I did see you said this, but there is absolutely nothing that the Cloudflare Community can do about that, it’s a thing between you and the website owner to figure out.

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