Access -Tunnel - Unable to reach the origin service on HTTP

Hello there,

I am using tunnel to access my local TrueNAS server by subdomain by using Cloudflared pod as application in TrueNAS. It worked well with NextCloud pod both local IP (eg. and external sub domain.

However, i have created another virtual machine Debian under TrueNAS, run some other docker apps and exposed to another IP (eg. I can acces on my local network under local IP

But when i create a new Public hostname in tunnel and put the local IP, it doesn’t work and return error in Cloudflared pod belike

ERR Request failed error=“Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: dial tcp connect: no route to host” connIndex=2 …

How to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Can you make curl requests from the cloudflared pod to the service? If not, then you need to check the networking

I have made ping command on TrueNAS shell to the VM and no connection. Maybe some wrong configurations from creating VM in TrueNAS.

I don’t know why i still can access both TrueNAS and VM from outside within their local IP