Access / Tunnel SSH Warp Gateway Conflict

I’ve setup CF Tunnel and Access with private web services just fine and they behave as expected.

However, with setting up SSH, I’m only able to connect if I’m connected to ZeroTrust Gateway with Warp.

In the documentation, it mentions nothing about being connected to ZeroTrust Gateway. My ISP doesn’t support IPv6 yet, however, I tethered my mobile phone which gave me IPv6 ability and when trying to connect to SSH nothing happens, it just freezes.

When not in Warp, the error message is:
failed to find Access application at


  • Server and Client both have cloudflared installed and setup.
  • Access is setup for allowing only emails and is set to the tunnel.
  • Short-lived certificates are setup and working properly.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for days and I’m at a total loss. Help please!

Sorry you are running into that issue, but it is expected behavior. The port for SSH is not normally open on Cloudflare’s Edge Ports.

So you would either need to use the tunnel that you have configured with the Warp client or use Spectrum.

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Thank you!

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