Access Token For List Ip Section


I need access token to only permit for add new ip in List ip , if i crate token with account filter list and edit permission is ther any security issue and this token could change other sections ?

tanks for help

I believe your asking if API tokens can be restricted to a specific zone?

If so, the answer is yes. Under: My Profile>API Tokens, when you create the token, look under “Zone Resources” and select: Include>Specific Zone, and select the zone name from the dropdown list.

Tanks for your help

But i want to know according to this picture , when i create token for “Accounf Filter List” , Which sections will this token have access to editing?

I see what you mean. It appears Permissions>Accounts can’t be limited to a specific Zone, only to a specific Account, whereas Permissions>Zones can be limited to a specific Zone. I don’t see a way around that either.

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