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Website - motomanufacturing dot com
I am getting a blue screen with a message saying “Be Back Soon - website is under maintenance” and to connect with Bluehost to resolve any issues. Bluehost tells me that Cloudflare is hosting my site. I get this message when I try to access the wordpress dashboard as well. I did not set up the site - I only try to maintain and I don’t have access to the Cloudflare dashboard. None of the potential email addresses and passwords get me in.

I created a new Cloudflare account yesterday but it is telling me that it does not recognize my domain and then also “pending nameserver update.” I’m guessing this is because I just created a new account to try to access support.

I had backed up and updated all my wordpress plug ins on 11/19 and everything was fine then. We had some orders come through on 11/22 and all was fine then as well. Sometime between 11/22 and yesterday things are not all well anymore!

I’m thinking I need access to the Cloudflare dashboard to hopefully resolve this but without the original access email and password (and no way to recover it) I’m not sure how to go about this. I’ve tried the steps Cloudflare outlined to recover access to my dashboard but that only led me to creating a new account. So I need some help! How can I resolve this?

Cloudflare isn’t hosting your site (it doesn’t host, unless you are using the Pages product), but it is proxying your site, so offering DNS and sitting between visitors and your host (I assume that is Bluehost as they are showing the suspension page for your website).

I assume Bluehost needs you to change the DNS records, which is why you need to access the Cloudflare account. Did you try the recovery here?

If you can’t get into the Cloudflare account, try to find out who set that up for you and ask them to sort it out for you.

If all else fails, you can use your new Cloudflare account to take control of the DNS. To do that you will need to change the nameservers for your domain at Godaddy to the 2 new nameservers given when you try to add the domain to your new account. Make sure you know the DNS records that need to be put in for the hosting (from Bluehost) and for your email (looks to be at Microsoft).

Alternatively you can just use the Godaddy DNS, either short term to see if you can take control, or stay with it, but you will lose the Cloudflare features.

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Thank you for the response! I did try to recover access but have no idea how to connect to a customer success manager since I did not set this up initially. We are trying to get in touch with the person that originally created our website but it’s been several years now since he has had anything to do with our site. Neither Bluehost nor GoDaddy have been particularly helpful as of yet but I will keep trying. At least I have some information to go on.

Is there any reason this would happen suddenly? Would my last update have triggered this? We have been perking along for years without any major issues so this has gotten me upside down!

You get one of those with an enterprise account only. Support is here (and mainly from this community for free accounts)…

It doesn’t appear anything has changed, just that Bluehost is redirecting your site to an “account suspended” page so likely something at their end, or a change from their end needs you to change the DNS at Cloudflare, or you’ve not paid the bill.

Best to ask Bluehost clearly why the account is suspended, and if they try to blame Cloudflare’s settings, ask explicity what it is that needs to be changed (whether you can then change it would be the next problem).

It’s seen a lot. Site works well for some time, then something happens or needs changing and the original developer or person who set everything up can’t be contacted and suddenly you’ve not got access to the various accounts (registrar, Cloudflare, host), the site or the files.