Access to subdomain only for specific devices

I sense I am missing something pretty obvious here, so hoping someone can out me out of my misery!

I have an Internet-facing subdomain for which I want to allow access for specific folks. These folks all use both VPN clients and also roam (physically) a fair bit. So, IP-based restrictions are tricky.

At a high level, my hope is that there is some Cloudflare feature that would only allow access to my subdoman (via the proxy) only to certain devices (not IP addresses). The logical approach would seem to be some sort of private key but I am going round and round trying to find a solution.

So, summarizing, I’d like to provide access to my subdomain only to certain devices (but where the using IP addresses of those devices is not a great approach).

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Assuming the devices have users who can log in or have some other form of authenticator, a Zero Trust Application is probably the best way…

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Yes, creating Access self-hosted application with policies requiring specific IdP group of those users Access policies · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs or enforcing MFA Enforce MFA · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs would be an option.

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