Access to service inside home network from outside

Hi guys,

I have service (grafana) run as docker. Access is http://localhost:3000. I would like to have access from outside.
So, I created tunnel, then created domain and set this domain. I got email from cloudflare that my domain is now active.
I have set tunnel with following:
Public hostname:
Path: *

when I want to access from outside: I can not access.

Could you please tell me what am I missing?

“Cannot access” can mean different things. What exact error you are encountering?

Try retrieve the tunnel logs in the Zero Trust dashboard via this documentation: Tunnel logs · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Logs are activated but there is no output. When I shutdown container I can see this:

2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc tx: (release = (id = 0, referenceCount = 1)),0
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc rx error: context canceled,1
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Unregistered tunnel connection,2
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc tx: (finish = (questionId = 1, releaseResultCaps = false)),3
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc rx: (return = (answerId = 1, releaseParamCaps = false, results = (content = <opaque pointer>, capTable = []))),4
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Retrying connection in up to 1s,5
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Serve tunnel error,6
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Failed to serve quic connection,7
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Unregistered tunnel connection,8
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,writing finish: Application error 0x0 (remote),9
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc tx: (finish = (questionId = 1, releaseResultCaps = true)),10
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc rx error: Application error 0x0 (remote),11
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Retrying connection in up to 1s,12
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Serve tunnel error,13
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Failed to serve quic connection,14
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Unregistered tunnel connection,15
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,rpc rx error: Application error 0x0 (remote),16
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Retrying connection in up to 1s,17
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Serve tunnel error,18
2023-10-01T22:28:52Z,Failed to serve quic connection,19

but no logs when I start container :frowning:

This is how i start container:

karcio@orangepi5:~$ docker run cloudflare/cloudflared:latest tunnel --no-autoupdate run --token eyxxx
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Starting tunnel tunnelID=40xxx
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Version 2023.8.2
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF GOOS: linux, GOVersion: go1.20.6, GoArch: arm64
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Settings: map[no-autoupdate:true token:*****]
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Generated Connector ID: 41xxx
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Initial protocol quic
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF ICMP proxy will use as source for IPv4
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF ICMP proxy will use :: as source for IPv6
2023-10-01T22:29:07Z INF Starting metrics server on
2023/10/01 22:29:07 failed to sufficiently increase receive buffer size (was: 208 kiB, wanted: 2048 kiB, got: 416 kiB). See for details.
2023-10-01T22:29:08Z INF Registered tunnel connection connIndex=0 connection=77xxx event=0 ip= location=ork01 protocol=quic
2023-10-01T22:29:08Z INF Warp-routing is enabled
2023-10-01T22:29:08Z INF Updated to new configuration config="{\"ingress\":[{\"hostname\":\"\", \"originRequest\":{}, \"service\":\"\"}, {\"service\":\"http_status:404\"}], \"warp-routing\":{\"enabled\":true}}" version=6
2023-10-01T22:29:08Z INF Registered tunnel connection connIndex=1 connection=2dxxx event=0 ip= location=lhr12 protocol=quic
2023-10-01T22:29:09Z INF Registered tunnel connection connIndex=2 connection=06xxx event=0 ip= location=lhr10 protocol=quic
2023-10-01T22:29:11Z INF Registered tunnel connection connIndex=3 connection=e26xxx=0 ip= location=ork01 protocol=quic