Access to REST API

Hello! We are having issues to proceed with a shipping plugin due to a blocked access to REST API. How do we unlock this? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Everyone should have access to the Cloudflare REST API. You just need need an API Token to get started.

May I ask is this somehow related to the WordPress REST API and some shipping plugin for WooCommerce or actually the Cloudflare API?

If so, do you have some security plugins installed which could potentially block WP REST API?

Otherwise, if using Pro Plan, maybe the Bot Fight Mode, or either Managed WAF Rules are blocking requests from your origin host / server IP address - in any case, it would be good to add your origin host / server IP address to both IP Access Rules and Firewall Rules with action Allow (just in case) at Cloudflare dashboard.

Nevertheless, if it is about something else, kindly provide more feedback information, if so. Thanks in advance!