Access to portal BigIP

I am currently new to Cloudflare and currently working on a home lab, were I am trying to establish connectivity through to BigIP VE for a portal access, which has a link to my workstation with remote desktop.
I have configured the SSL cert from Cloudflare in full mode, I can successfully reach the BipIP VE no issue and I can logon on to the portal, but when I click the remote desktop connection, I receive “initiating remote connection”, but this eventually times out.

I have run up a wireshark on the workstation and I can see the incoming request and bidirectional traffic…

I am a little stuck… Is Cloudflare doing something with this traffic ?
Any suggestions on how I can over come this issue…

Many Thanks !

I assume you mean Microsoft RDP. Correct?

That wouldnt work via the proxies and you would need to connect to an unproxied (:grey:) host.

Yes, Microsoft RDP…
Just checking, but doing that won’t that stop the SSL cert working ?

The proxy certificate wont work anymore, but you need your own certificate on the server anyhow. Furthermore, it doesnt really matter anyhow. You simply cant use RDP in a proxy context. If you want to use RDP, you either have to use the IP address or an unproxied hostname.

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