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In the dashboard, I see the number of error 5xx is increasing in the “Account Analytics”. I research in Cloudflare doc and I see that it’s possible to have more information with Network Error Logging. According to this article, it’s in Analytics > Origin Reachability. But in my dashboard I don’t see this menu. I don’t know if this is because I’m using the free plan or not. But according to the article it’s available for all plans.

Do anyone have any idea?

At this time, NEL Dashboard Analytics still seems to be in an Enterprise-only beta. Any customer can enable NEL Analytics, but they cannot view them. As I understand it, Cloudflare uses them internally to track issues with connections.

Don’t fret though, there are a lot of other ways to track down 500 errors, and NEL is more for client → Cloudflare issues, which you wouldn’t see in Account Analytics at all if that was happening. I would first start by looking at your web server’s logs, and any error monitoring you have.

If the amount is very low, there was an incident causing 500 errors in a small subset of requests a few days ago:

For more information on the various 5xx errors:

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Thanks Chaika for your information

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