Access to my dns records if someone else set them up

A developer set up my Cloudflare and I can no longer get in contact with him.
I want to move hosting to a local host but cannot as I cannot access the cpanel.
What do i do??

You can go to your domain registrar and set the name servers to point at your new host.

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It is not that simple. My domain provider said this is not possible.
I need to be able to access the name servers at the the other host. But I do not have access to these. Cloudflare says I am not the primary account holder, even though I own the domain, so they will not allow access.

That is correct. They will not give you access to someone else’s account, nor any information in it.

Why? That’s not your account, either?

They said unless I can change the name servers, then I am stuck.

Becuase i do not have access to the cpanel to do a backup and restore, i will need to redevelop. my domain provider said that i can do this via a subdomain, but i am unable to preview the website being developed because of the name server issue. I am so confused and upset about this.

I cannot afford any downtime (or minimal downtime) as it is an ecommerce site.

What’s the domain?

It looks like the registrar is Crazy Domains, though I think that’s part of GoDaddy. Another part of WHOIS mentions Syrahost. This is the place that controls your domain. They probably even have their own DNS service. Either use their DNS, or that of whoever hosts your website.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing here at Cloudflare for you. This would fall under disaster recovery for your website (backups, account & settings recovery, etc).

For now, your site’s online, so at least you have something stable at the moment. Now you can take the time to piece everything back together before you move your hosting.

yes registrar is crazy domains. syrahost was the old name servers.

so how do i build offline and get it uploaded to overwrite the existing website and to reset the name servers

None of this will happen at Cloudflare. This is something you’ll have to work out with your host to set up.

ok thx

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Sorry for all the bad news. I hope it all gets straightened out soon.

Thanks, I am at my wits end and really not too sure what to do next :frowning:

I could not access my Cloudflare domain details as my developer disappeared. So I created a new account for my domain. New name servers were created. I got my domain provider to update to these. Then my website would not work. Then I reverted back the old name servers and now it appears my website is completely broken. How do I fix this?!?
I just want to go back to what was there before.
Should I have the old name servers or the new name servers with my domain provider?
Should I delete the new Cloudflare account? How do I do this?

If the site is no longer working properly using the old Cloudflare account, you are likely better off fixing the data in the new Cloudflare account. In a critical business scenario, you stand to benefit from working with a trusted consultant.

If you engage with a consultant, I recommend including a discussion on how to store another copy of your DNS data among your objectives.

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