Access to local network devices

Hi everyone,

I have set up Zero Trust. Can I configure it so that when I am connected with WARP, I have access to all network devices on the private network? Right now when the WARP client is on (WARP mode), then I can only access the IP-addresses I have defined as apps under “Access → Applications”. If I disconnect the client, then I can access all devices on my network.

The split-tunnel is in INCLUDE mode and I have added my network there.
The tunnel is running in a docker and is connected.


I have to add to this, that above was when testing on a Mac.
On a Windows PC, it seems to work as indented. So maybe it’s a bug in the Mac client.

Yes, it’s possible.

Sounds like you’re at least partway there, but not sure from your description.

So from Zero Trust->Access->Tunnels, your tunnel configuration, “Private Networks,” your local network address is added?

And in Settings->Network, Firewall Proxy is on? Have you enabled UDP?

And in Settings->WARP Client, the profile is where you set up the split tunnel settings?

It works for me on Linux, but I don’t have Mac or Win to easily check. But try enabling UDP, I recall someone mentioning a Mac issue when they didn’t, but I don’t remember the details.

I am also using INCLUDE mode, and also in the profile added my home domain in Local Domain Fallback, so I can even use local DNS names when I’m remote.

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The setup is as you describe. It’s on macOS Sonoma, so maybe it’s because the OS is too new :slight_smile:

When you say “access” do you mean actually attempting to connect, or just pinging?

Ping doesn’t work for me, but connecting does. Thought my network wasn’t working for over a day because I was trying to test it with ping, until I said “Huh, looks right, let me just try connecting.” :slight_smile:

Not ping - I mean the ability to access a web server, ssh, rdp or something else.

Like so (sorry for the weird localization):

And the exact same thing works fine on my Windows PC.

Okay, I was too fast saying ssh etc didn’t work, because that actually works. Hmm… I have to investigate this further I think. Maybe it is a local problem on my Mac after all.

Just to double-check, on mac you did register with “warp-cli teams-enroll [your team name]”?

Oh, missed your last reply, SSH works. Do you have other browsers to try your web site? Or does mac have curl or wget to test from command line?

Why does the screenshot show “www.”? What happens if you type “” in the address bar (or https depending on your web server?)

Sorry for the late reply. The “www” is Safari itself who inserts that I think, when the address without www does not respond. Neither works.

On the mac requestion - yes I do think mac has curl. Can you tell what to type? I am not a terminal-guy :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t notice your question before. Hope you figured it out. But the simplest curl command should be just curl and a url, e.g.:

curl https://somehost

…which would echo the page content to the terminal. If you only want some type of status and not the whole page printed, there may be multiple ways but a simple one is:

curl -I https://somehost

…to print response code and headers.