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How can I get back the access to the management of a domain, in this case “”, when I have lost the login information to the Cloudflare account?


I tried to follow the tips of this doc
But it is necessary here to “Log in to your domain registrar account”, which I can’t as I don’t have these login informations.

You mean access to the domain’s Cloudflare account?

If you don’t remember the associated address, you could only try to reset the password for all addresses you may remember and if one of them works, you should get a password reset link.

Otherwise you could only create a new account and add the domain anew. In that case the linked article would be applicable.

As you have did not add the website to Cloudflare create a Cloudflare account and add to Cloudflare

This is what I did, but then ?
He wants me to " Log in to your registrar account". How can I ?

so you buyed domain from Cloudflare ?

It seems
For more details, I can’t be sure, as I juste started the managment of this site for the owner of this domain.
But he ca’tn find back the login informations.
But it seems that the domain was bought on Cloudflare.
The sure thing, is that the NS records are for the moment :

What exactly do you want to access?

Hey @user25511 ,

You can use this tool, enter the domain and you will receive an email to the registered address.

Hopefully the account was setup on a corporate email and you can check the mail logs to find where it went, then do a password reset on that email.

Unfortunately if you can’t find the email, you will be unable to recover access to the account and would have to move the domain to a new account that you control, assuming you have access to the domain registrar. If you don’t have that account either then the first step will be to find the domain registration details.

And no, the domain is not registered through Cloudflare. For that you will need to contact your registrar.

hey he told that is registered with Cloudflare

Well, it isn’t :wink:

Everything Cloudflare related is covered by Access to domain - #3 by sandro

So where is it ?

You have to know that of course.

Whois says OVH.

But as I already asked several times.

I need to access to the managment of the DNS to trnafer it to OVH’s or at least make a redirection.

Transfer what? The domain? The domain is already with OVH.

Yes that’s it
Well, seems that you’re right.
So I’ll try to see that with OVH.
Thank for your help

My pleasure.

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