Access to DNS Settings

Hello Community,

I would like to add a DKIM-Key entry in my cloudflare settings but I couldn’t see a navigational point to access it. Everytime a click to the website dashboard in cloudflare, the system shows me a short message that I am not authorized for the ressource but it doesn’t say specifically for what.

The only navigation points I see are

  • Overview
  • E-Mail-Adress
  • Web3

but when checking screenshots online I can see that there are many more navigation points. Does this mean that my account is restricted in terms of accessing specific menu points or does this mean that under the current subscription I am not able to access DNS settings? I have the pro plan.


Are you the only admin for your account? Does it work if you go directly to the DNS page via

We have a media provider which gave us the account. When I click on your link and choose the right account, I got a 403 error. I guess our account is restricted in some way and will contact the media provider to see if we get access to the other settings.

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