Access to Cpanel not being given by reseller

I am seeking assistance from Cloudflare to regain access to Cpanel for a client. The reseller is not providing sufficient support and is restricting access to the website dashboard and Cpanel. The client wishes to move hosting to another provider.

Is there a way I can contact someone directly at Cloudflare to provide the information needed for you to step in and give my client the access they need.


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Cloudflare does not provide any cPanel hosting.

If you are having account access issues your options are outlined in the following support article.

Cloudflare Help Center
Login and account issues


Thanks for your reply. Can you at least confirm that you are hosting the site for Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club? Sorry it wont allow me to enter the url.

Thanks in advance

Also, the business hosting the site through you has removed the ability to add or remove plugins. How do we resolve this. Thanks

I do not need the domain name to confirm that Cloudflare is not hosting your client’s site. You need to contact your web host, which is definitely not Cloudflare. Cloudflare is not a web hosting provider. Cloudflare is a proxy that sits between visitors and the web host. Your client’s site may well be using Cloudflare, but Cloudflare is not where you manage the site content.

If the party responsible for managing the Cloudflare account has lost access and is unable to recover it using the methods in the support article that I shared, the only option is to move the domain is new Cloudflare account which will require all DNS records and custom configurations to be recreated.

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Why did you answer my question if youre not from Cloudflare? Thats what I asked for. I know the site content is not managed by Cloudflare. Im trying to get assistance from Cloudflare to get my client the ability to move the website to another provider because the current “host” is not being cooperative and is preventing my client from managing their site .

Cloudflare…Please answer my question.

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