Access to CloudFlare account for domain

We do not have access to access to the Cloudflare account for domain “”. Our office has/had email service with RackSpace but RackSpace has been down for over a week. We need to redirect email to MS 365. We are not sure how to recover the account in order to update the DNS records.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue here.

Have you lost your 2FA, or rather password for the access to the CF dashboard, and currently you cannot log in to your Webmail, to change and create a new password because their email service is somehow offline?

May I ask if there is some sub-account / sub-member of your Cloudflare account which could access and manage it so you could change the DNS? :thinking:
If not, then I am afraid you’re a bit out of luck here until the 3rd-party service comes back online.

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