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Cloudflare hosts our website. Our admin person is no longer with us. I need access to our account and cannot get any phone support nor can I figure out how to recover our username/password information.

Very frustrating as our website has been down because of hosting problem for months. Please help!

Account recovery options are here…

Enter the domain and if the admin person had a corporate email address used for the Cloudflare account, you should be able to intercept the email and get access.

If that person used their own email account, or own device for 2FA, you’ll need to ask them to help you get access.

Unless you used Cloudflare Pages, your site wasn’t hosted at Cloudflare so you should have access to the hosting provider. Assuming you also have access to the domain registrar, you can just change the nameservers to get control of the domain in another Cloudflare account, or another DNS provider, and point it to the hosting.

Where do I enter the domain and does the domain include the www? Or just name and .com with www.?

As in the instructions…

Go here…

Click “Forgot your email”

Enter the domain name (such as, not a hostname with www or anything else).

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