Access to account issue with hacked and deleted email

I have a Cloudfare account which I’ve forgotten the password to ( silly me ) - it gets worse - the contact email for this Cloudfare account has also been hacked. The catch 22 is that to retrieve my password Cloudfare will send a link ( or relevant info ) back to the hacked and now deleted email . I would like to either update my old account with the correct information or delete and start or over again . Am concerned if I set up a new account there may be issues adding the same website URL while the 1st account is still active and can’t currently be accessed. Any advise would be welcome. Thanks.

This is the better option. Start over on a new account. And when it’s set up, Cloudflare will tell you to change the name servers at your registrar, and then your new account will take over.

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Thanks for the response - I appreciate it - but the catch is I need to access the original account to delete it - which I currently can’t do :frowning:

Nope, you don’t. Once you change the nameservers at your registrar to the two assigned to this cloudflare account, the domain will become active in the new account, with that control over your domain you can ask support AT to purge the domain from the old account or we’ll do it automatically some time after detecting the nameserver change.

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Wow okay - will give it a go :+1
Thanks for the advice


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