Access to a site from CloudFlare's IPs

I’ve met a weird situation, when CF-Connecting-IP header contained several CF’s IPv6 addresses. Please, kindly advice how could it happen and what to do. I’ve got real problems with that missing data.
Thanks in advance.

What exactly is your problem?

The problem is that some [regulatory] resource may ban my service if there will not be found any sensitive reasons for such data missing. So I need to understand, how can it be possible and how can I avoid it.
Thank you.

Maybe proxy it though cloudflare (through your DNS records)

Pardon me, didn’t get that.

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Oh, you mean the solution. Ok, I’ve got that, thank you.
Maybe you have any ideas on how such situation can be implemented?

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There is no need to copy that data here from the URL you’ve provided. I understand how to work with it. I need to figure out how the offender implemented that case.


Just so I have your situation straight, on your origin web server you are logging the CF-Connecting-IP header. In the logs you are seeing several IPv6 addresses, not just one. Is that correct?

Can you share the log format configuration from your Origin web server? (LogFormat in Apache, log_format in Nginx.)
Is this hostname :orange: on Cloudflare, or do you use Cloudflare at all?
Is your origin accessible from the wider internet, or have you firewall it so that only Cloudflare can access the origin?

The X-Forwarded-For header can contain multiple addresses, but in normal (i.e. not malicious) circumstances, the CF-Connecting-IP header should contain only one address.

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