Access to a rest api blocked by shield

Hi, i have a nodejs app which get json response of a Rest API located behind the cloudflare shield or firewall, it’s working perfectly on my local computer, but when the code uploaded on my host, the response status is 403 and the response is human verification html code. I use axios and i send only agent header in my get method. I have to mention that i have contacted the rest api owner and be doesn’t know what’s wrong! Any body knows how to solve this problem?

Sorry that this has been happening.

Based on the description, it sounds like you are getting a Managed Challenge.

The first thing you are going to want to do is identify what is causing the challenge. You would normally want to do this with Security Events.

Since you are sending the request you can probably filter by IP to find the cause. From there you can figure out how to ensure that the requests don’t get blocked, but it is different for different features. Although most can be bypassed with Custom Rules.

Although some features like Managed Rulesets have specific exceptions that can be done.

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