Access to 2FA Email account access lost post-domain migration

Hey Cloudflare community,

I’ve recently made the mistake of signing up to Cloudflare with an email address that my old registrar,, previously hosted. I am now locked out of my Cloudflare account due to 2FA, and the CF customer service is seemingly non-existent.

I’ve explained that since my domain is now registered with Cloudflare, I can no longer access my CF accounts/signup/super admin email address, nor can I receive or send emails from this email address to verify myself.

The customer service agent replies about once every 5 days with the same line; “I am unable to remove 2FA because we have not heard from the super admin [email protected]******.com”. This is an impossible task, I no longer host my email or domain with my previous provider, and it’s now registered with Cloudflare, so how can I email them from this account if it no longer exists post domain registration.

I’ve also followed their instruction to add a CF verification meta tag into my website’s header code. I’ve mentioned that I have scans of all of my identification documents, the credit card info used for their billing, and emails from signing up before I did the domain transfer (which are in my Apple Inbox). Yet, CF will still not allow me access to my domain or account or provide another option to verify who I am. I simply keep getting the same copy-paste customer service emails, and I feel completely ignored.

I’ve been chasing this for the better part of a month, and oddly I have been told by customer service to ask the question on this forum. Does anyone have any insight? I surely can’t have been the first person to overlook signing up with an email that would then be lost due to transferring registration.

Thanks in advance,


Can you post the # of the ticket?

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Hey @jnperamo,

The ticket number is: 2455093

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Hi Jody,

Thanks for the ticket #, and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve replied on the ticket for next steps to restore access to your account access.


Hey Scott,

Thanks for coming back to me.

I’ve just replied to your email with the additional verification information :slight_smile:


Hey @cf-scott Hwy Scott, I hope you had a great weekend.

Did you hear back from management regarding the 2FA removal request?



@cf-scott Hey Scott,

I hope you’re doing well!

I’m still unable to access my account. I managed to complete a Registrar_Email_Change_Form and have a new email that I can log in to Cloudflare; however, my domain is not available on the new Cloudflare account.

The ticket number is: 2455093

Is there something I’m missing?

Many thanks,


Hi Jody,

I see you received a reply from Evan on June 6th. I’m looking into this right now. I should have an answer for you today.

UPDATE: They’ve still got a few steps to do. No ETA yet.

@cf-scott Thanks so much Scott!


We really close, but just hit the end of the day. It’s on the front burner now, though.

@cf-scott Cheers, man.

No stress, I appreciate your help! :blush:

Hello again,

I just replied on your new ticket. Please give it a look, and let us know if you need any more assistance.

Hey Scott,

I hope your week is going well!

I couldn’t find a way to permanently remove 2-factor during the 24hour account access window, and despite registering a new email/account on the account, I am locked out again.

I figured the email transfer form would be the final hurdle. Why is it I can’t simply transfer to my new email address (one that didn’t get lost during domain transfer with Cloudflare)?

Please can you explain to me in simple terms why I am having such a nightmare and not able to gain access to my .com domain dashboard. And how I can get it back?

Thanks for your assistance.

Make sure you’re trying to log in to the account where your domain is registered.

If you need anything else, please reply on Ticket #2531346