Access Synology NAS portal via Cloudflared

I am trying to access a Synology NAS portal via Cloudflared.

This Cloudflared instance runs as a Docker install. Other tunnels using the same Cloudflared instance are working fine. The difference is that all other origins use HTTP: services.

The Synology portal is served over HTTPS and uses a Digicert certificate. On a browser it answers on https://nas.[my domain] using standard 443 port. The A record for this sub-domain is on my internal network.

The tunnel is on https://synology.[my domain].

The problem is when I try accessing the synology.[mydomain] it results on a multiple redirections error.

I tried both using the No Verify TLS option and a mapped CA certificate. I also tried using both the origin IP address and the nas.[my domain] as origin.

Any ideas or have anyone managed to do this?

No big deal if can’t be done. I still can access the NAS via WARP or Tailscale but would be nice to have it behind Access without having to install an extra piece of software.

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That’s easy!

  1. follow to add certificate to package store
  2. download cloudflared package (bit outdated 2023.1.0 ver but 100% uptime just fine)
  3. goto Zero Trust and setup using synology ip instead of localhost
    You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. Tried it and it didn’t work. Looking at DevTools I noticed it would stop after Rocket Loader. After disabling Rocket Loader it worked fine.

I decided to test using the cloudflared Docker container again… And it worked as well.

Removed the cloudflared package as the container seems to be working, but good to know there’s a package available.

So at the end it’s all good.


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hmm i tried that too but get an SSL Error message and cloudflare app app is down indeed cant download it


how can we manage certificates ? because I added CF Zero-Trust cname record on DNS settings on my domain name. I can use proxy but there is upload limit about that (100MB). is that possible some another way? so i do not have limit for upload.


where can i get the 150 karakter tunnel token?