Access Problems - Solved

I get the following message: Enter an authenticator app code or a recovery code.
I do not receive emails of any code.
How can I access my account?

Those codes won’t come through email or SMS. You would have had to set up 2FA with TOTP (rotating login code).

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If I don’t have a way to log in because I don’t have the data, how do I get my account back?
I have not activated anything at all.
How do I get the codes if you don’t let me access my account?

That would be impossible.

Contact support by sending an email to [email protected] from the email account connected with your account. It will be a long process I fear, though.

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It was solved, according to support, my mail blocks no-reply from cloduflare, there cf it is blacklisted, which is why it did not send me verification mail.
Thank you.