Access Policy - OIDC Claim Array

I’ve setup application access with Generic OIDC. One of the claims I have access to is “roles”, this is a string array provided by FusionAuth.

I’d like to be able to check if a user has a specific role but I don’t see a way to check the contents of an array as an OIDC Claim value within the policy rules.

Here’s an example of the rules:

Here’s an example of the returned data:

  "email": "REDACTED",
  "oidc_fields": {
    "roles": [

To clarify, I’m aware the roles claim “Player” isn’t the same as “Owner”. I’m just posting examples showing how its configured.

Hi from the Access team,

We will parse OIDC and SAML array values. You can reference the specific roles in your policies in the way you’ve configured. We should have this in our docs :slightly_smiling_face: I will open a PR to detail this functionality shortly.


I am testing the same process with a claim containing an array.
Even if the documentation is not available, do you have an exemple of configuration?