Access plan for > 5 users and SAML

Hi All,

I’ve exceeded the 5 user Access seat limit and need to add more.

But both plans (Basic and Premium) do not seem to list SAML as an identity provider.

How do I add seats to Access whilst using SAML?

Do I need to move to a Cloudflare Teams account which seems to include 50 users, and what are the implications of that?

Thanks all!

It sounds like you’re using the old Access account with that 5-seat limit. I’m looking at what I think is my free Access plan under Gateway and it lets me add SAML as an authentication method. It’s been a while since I converted my old plan to the new system, but I expect you’d be able to muddle your way through converting yours.

Ahh yeah it is the old plan. Is there some magic to convert to the new stuff?

Thanks a lot though, this is the thing.

Hi @leigh.porter,

I got a popup on to convert mine to the new Cloudflare for Teams plans. If you go to Settings --> Account on that dashboard, you should see your current plan and be able to change it.


Thanks for this, I just want to be sure I don’t clobber it all!


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