Access old account with lost password and hacked/deleted email login

This is a follow up a post from sept 16. My original concern was about a Cloudflare account with a lost password and a hacked contact email which was deleted prior to me updating the account - a double whammy ! . After an enquiry via support - I followed the advise given and successfully set up a new Cloudflare account . It all works fine. Thanks support !

I now would like to see if the old original Cloudflare account ( not the new one ) still exists and if so can it be accessed so I can delete it.

The response from cloonan Community team on my previous post (sept 16) was this -

Once you change the nameservers at your registrar to the two assigned to this cloudflare account, the domain will become active in the new account, with that control over your domain you can ask support at to purge the domain from the old account or we’ll do it automatically some time after detecting the nameserver change.

I’d like to thank sdayman and cloonan - these steps have been taken to get the 2nd new Cloudflare account running- but how or who do I reach out to in support to check if the old account still exists and can subsequently be deleted ? or should I assume the old account will be deleted automatically over time ?

Any further info would be welcome. Thank You.

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