Access of my free account

i have a pay account and a free account, i can not enter my free account, can somebody help me out

Like you are unable to login into your account? If so then what error are you getting?


Thanks , I have a free account but do not know the user and pasw anymore ?
I have a free account and a pay acount in , but need to adapt a DNS setting , on a name , I see the cloudflare settings , but the name is not in My pay account , so it must be in a free account , but have no acces
Can you help me out

Go here and enter the domain name. It will email the account owner (hopefully you) with details.




i did use the link but get not answer and no mail
So have no idee to do next, en since it was a free account , you get no support
maybe you can advice me what to do
thanks in advance

If you have a Paid account, set up the free domain in the Paid account:

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Customers on any plan type can open Billing, Registrar and Account tickets,

In this case, the fastest path to resolution was given by @sdayman

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