Access not working on Multi Level Wildcard


I tried to make some Stuff I host at home available via my Domain. But it shouldn’t be accessible for everyone, that’s why I want to put Cloudflare Access over it. But it doesn’t seem to work. I tried it with my Proxy, which works fine, but not with the multi level wildcard. According to the [Docs](, it is supported and correctly set up.

In my DNS, I point the Wildcard Entry directly to my Reverse Proxy without Proxying. So maybe that’s the issue, but when enable it, then I won’t be able to access the Stuff, since I don’t have a Cloudflare Cert for this multi level wildcard.

Access can’t work on an unproxied domain, the traffic just isn’t going to Cloudflare at all, so Cloudflare can’t intercept and require auth/etc

and you can’t proxy it because your universal cert that you get for free is just a simple wildcard for your first level, and cert wildcards only cover one subdomain deep.

You could either buy Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM), under SSL → Edge Certificates and issue a wildcard certificate for *.home, or use ​​Partially match subdomains, with a pattern like, and the rule would just be * You could also add multiple subdomains to a single application, or you could make new applications for each service, it’s what I do personally, and it gives you a bit more control. Exact choice is up to you.

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I see. Thank you for the Explanation

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