Access not showing in on URL defined in the application

Hi there,

After I setup CF access to protect my personal site admin page, it doesn’t seem to work, as in I can still get to the admin page without the login screen of CF access. I have tried from different browsers and computers and still doesn’t work.
The application was created correctly, the domain and path are correct.
I have been using Cloudflare in my job for over 5 years and have setup CF access successfully before.

I am not quite sure why it doesn’t work, any advise is greatly appreciated.


Most likely causes? The domain isn’t proxied, it’s defined incorrectly or it is pointed to a service which utilizes Cloudflare for delivery and their settings take precedence.

Thanks for your reply cscharff!
So just checked, domain is definitely Proxied, it is also correct, as cache is working fine and in Access it is a dropdown, not a free typing field and the server is an cloud instance which I have setup so no Cloudflare there. I have similar setup for a work instance and works fine although we use enterprise at work and my personal account is free.

Anything else you think it could be?

You’ve already authenticated to something else in the realm and the token is valid for the new application? Or the policy allows anyone to connect w/o authenticating. Just speculation… without knowing the details of the policy it’s not possible to test/ check.

I am having the same issue. Have you resolved it?