Access methods

hello all, looking for some help on how to use the tunnel access to the fullest. i currently have a small lab that i use the tunnels to access remotely when i need to. i have set the access policy to one time pin to protect myself, but recently i decided i might try an app like bitwarden which i assume will need to access to my server through the tunnel system to work properly. so i’ve been looking into the service auth tokens for access, problem is that i’m just a regular dude and i really don’t know how all this stuff works. i made the token, i updated the access policy to allow the token…but how do i use the token?

does anyone know how to add the service tokens to an app like bitwarden? or a browser so i can just bypass the auth on that browser only? i guess what i’m saying is i’d like to be able to connect to my server services through my weblink automagically but i want everyone else to get prompted with the auth login. now whether thats through certs, tokens, or however you tell me. i tried playing around with the warp client but that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this.