Access logs


I’m on the free plan and would like to know if I can view access logs.


Thanks for asking.

Since Cloudflare by default doesn’t host your Website, currently this isn’t yet available feature.

May I ask in what kind of type of the “access logs” are you interested? :thinking:
For example, login/logout for your Cloudflare account, or maybe if there were some modifications made for some specific zone under your Cloudflare account, or maybe the “access logs” for your zone in terms of website traffic/analytics? :thinking:


I’m looking for website traffic, such us get/post, user agent etc.

May I ask which Cloudflare plan type are you using? Is it Free or Paid? :thinking:

The data you’re looking for is available on upgrade to Pro plan.
More information about this feature and available data per plan type can be found at the link from below:

If not satisfied, for more detailed analytics data, I’d suggest you to implement either Google Analytics or some other alternative like Matomo, Open Web Analytics onto your Website.

I’m on the free plan. Thank you, I will look at the alternatives you suggested.

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