Access logs with IPs starting with "2001:4860:7:70e::*" and referrered from google

Hello, for the past month, I’ve noticed that many entries on my access.log file have an IP that starts with ‘2001:4860:7:70*::*’, for example: 2001:4860:7:70e::ec. According to an IP GEO Lookup, this IP belongs to Google. The referrer is actually https://www

Initially, I thought it was someone from Google searching and entering my site, but I’ve noticed the same pattern of IPs '2001:4860:7:70e::* ’ in the logs accessing my site with a referrer URL of

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Could it be that Google employees (at least 50 times a day) are using the internet from Google offices and visiting my site? Of course, this doesn’t make sense, so I’m curious if anyone has an explanation for this.

That IP is one from the Google Pre-Fetch Proxy - see Private prefetch proxy in Chrome


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