Access html page with cloudflare

How do i get a google script to get access to a cloudflare site (curse minecraft mod portal)(not my site)
i only get 403 error when doing a http get command! other sites works fine.

what the inteded use it for me to keep track if my personal modpack is updated and filter if the update is relevant to my modpack. but if i cant even do a http get command to a page im stuck…

If you get a “Forbidden” response from a third party site you need to clarify that with them. Either they misconfigured something or they keep you intentionally out. Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

not a cloudflare problem even if it gives:
responsecode 403
and response:

Attention Required! | Cloudflare

there is not universal way to give a bot a key to access? or i do need to contact for my private small bot? not to edit anything just read what a human can read from a webpage…

Yes, they seem to keep you out intentionally. You should contact them and clarify your use case and they can configure an exception.