Access Homeserver that only has IPv6

I‘ve been trying to solve this problem for the last couple of days now. I have a homeserver (RPi), and my ISP only provides a publicly accessible IPv6. IPv4 support is provided through Carrier-grade NAT, thus I don’t get an accessible IPv4.

I successfully mapped my domain to my public IPv6 through Cloudflare, which works brilliantly btw.

When I try to access my server from a different network that has ipv6 and ipv4 support, it works. Only IPv6 support works as well (obviously). However, I was recently in a vacation home that only provides you with a ipv4 address (yes that still exists…) it didn’t work. And I wasn’t able to solve that problem.

My setup is as follows: AAAA record points to my homeserver IPv6 and is proxied through Cloudflare. And I didn’t specify a A record, as explained in this topic

According to the topic, The A record is created automatically.
My question now is, what to do differently and how to provide access to my IPv6 only server, when I or my colleagues are connected to a network with only ipv4 support?

Thanks in advance and I hope that I explained my problem clearly.

I can’t replicate this. I spun up an IPv6-only server and verified that I could only connect via IPv6:

I then :orange: Proxied it:

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