Access - Gsuite integration, logging in with Android / Chromebook

I am not 100% sure whether this is a Google behaviour or something in the Cloudflare implementation so apologies if this is misplaced.

We have successfully implemented Access on a few areas with Google Gsuite for authentication. In the browser this works fine.

I have noticed when authenticating with Gsuite via a Chromebook or Android phone, that it opens up a select Google account menu dialog with no way to actually proceed with one, it just lists the accounts currently authenticated on that device. The browser remains stuck waiting for something to complete.

The way around this I had found is to open up an incognito window in the browser, this then lets you manually login with a Google account of your choice. If anyone can shed any light on this it would be appreciated.

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What access do you grant via GSuite?

Behaviour of Chrome Browser on ChromeBook and Android works different to a fat client installation. If users are logged in with different Google accounts and the application can’t deal with others then primary user this could be the problem.