Access Groups - emails ending in two domains. AND or OR?

I have a couple of access groups for controlling access to an application. But I seem to get some failures, and I can’t under stand what is happening… I do suspect that listing multiple domains in the email ending in , is an AND condition rather than or.

So for this example:

Where the email address is [email protected] (ie matches the obfuscated section). but what is the entry against the .nz domain doing? Is that failing that clause, or just showing that it didn’t match. Because over all, the policies failed.

You want OR setting, otherwise it will require the email to end in both domains.

How do you set an or (in the first picture). that’s the field it gives you.

So are you saying that is expecting and

Oh sorry, that field is an OR statement.

Includes will function as logical ORs and Requires function as logical ANDs. This policy is failing because of the “emails ending in” Require clause that has two different values.

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thanks for that. On the day I hunted around and was sure i read something like that. But i couldn’;t quite decipher if that meant OR between the include criteria, or in the list of options.
Eg OR between emails and emails ending in. Or OR between emails ending in and .nz