Access from my AS to Cloudflare services

Hello Support. i am from ISP from Ukraine.
Today my DNS servers came under attack and more queryes apparently they were directed to Cloudflare DNS servers (or from my AS ip’s). At the moment access to Cloudflare services (DNS resolving, Web site, any) blocked from my AS.
Can you confirm the blocking of access from my IP addresses?
Details can be communicated in non-public emails.
Thanx for informations!

This is a Community forum, and most users here have no access to the data needed to assist you.

You should use PeeringDB to find better contact information (if you have a peering relationship with AS13335 signing up on might be useful. )

@mvavrusa might be able to help here.

thanks for the idea, wrote a email to [email protected],
waiting for an answer.

Hi! I’m not sure if you’re asking about authoritative DNS or recursive DNS (, but you certainly shouldn’t be blocked from using Here’s a pinned thread to help capture more information to help us figure out where’s the problem Have problems with *Read Me First* (traceroute and report would be useful in particular).

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