Access feature doesn't work on some subdomains

It seems the access feature has moved to Dash.teams.Cloudflare since yesterday
I just realized it today
yesterday I added a subdomain to Access feature to be accessible by my internal team only, it was working fine
but today it’s public, my site is a static site
I have another static site, but it’s still working fine. Cloudflare redirects me to Login page when I open it
but the subdomain that I added yesterday, it’s accessible by anyone
I’ve tested the “Test your policies” feature, it’s working as expected when I put some emails to test

Have you tried deleting the access policy and recreating it?

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I have tried to create a new one
but still doesn’t work

anyone that I can contact to report this bug?
I just created this subdomain, and added it to the gateway access

sorry I have to post 3 times due to new user limited access