Access enabled or not?

I’m running accounts/{identifier}/access/apps across a group of accounts. Those that have access disabled throw an error:

  "code": 9999,
  "message": "access.api.error.not_enabled: Access is not enabled. Visit the Access dashboard at and click the 'Enable Access' button."

Is there any other soft query I can make to see if a Cloudflare account has Access enabled? Or must I trap the hard error on that endpoint?

You can list the subscriptions for an account with Cloudflare API Documentation, and it will be underrate_planpublic_name. You can use devs tools at to see the response you get.

Aha, thx. Poking around there uncovers this accounts/{account_identifier}/subscriptions endpoint.

And it looks like the answer is .result[] |select( == "prod_teams") although I wonder if there are other product names that enable Access features too?

I believe that is the main access one. As other features within access are under it.