Access Denied?

Okay, so for some unknown reason out of nowhere, I have been blocked access by Cloudfare to one specific site. However all the other sites that use Cloudfare, I have been accessing just fine.

I have noticed that Google Recaptcha and sometimes HCaptcha have both been having major problems over the last month and even when correct, they take me over 3 or more times to complete. Clearing Cookies, rebooting, etc nothing helps.

However, I am being denied access to and I don’t know why, I am not using a VPN.

I am not an attacker, I do not even know one thing about hacking, I am dumb when it comes to that type of stuff. So not sure why I am being denied access to a site that uses cloudfare that I have been using for over a year.

It has been 4 days since I could access the site.

I have rebooted my modem, I have tried renewing my IP Address in my macbook network settings but am unable to change my IP Address.

My gut hunch is either Cloudfare has had some type of mixup I have been using neobits.netfor over a year and I have never had this problem.

I turned off my wifi and eve tried accessing through my phone providers mobile hotspot feature and I was able to acess the site just fine.

There is no reason as to why I, a verified, trusted, user should be blocked by Cloudfare, as I am not an attacker, in fact, I always show care and compassion and let site owners know through support tickets, or contacting them through their social platforms that they use top promote their sites, discount codes, etc. I have always let them know of the problem I am having and once they resolve it I say thank you, and let others know that they have resolved the problems.

My IP address has been randomly blocked for one single site, yet I can access their other site, and even other sites that use cloudfare with no problem. It is very frustrating.

I hate attackers and hackers, and bad people. I have had exes hack into my accounts and change everything and ruin my life, by threatening my family and making it seem like I was the one doing it, meanwhile I ended up logged in a few times and caught them redhanded, and I cursed them out and told them to stop or I will report them to the police, the FBI, and the CIA. before they changed all the info. They stopped hacking but they didnt’ stop making fake accounts to harass and lie and threaten my family. So to be safe, I stopped using my real birth name on sites like facebook.

So for me to be denied access to one site out of the blue, frustrates and hurts me knowing I am not an attacker and there are no viruses or malware on my computer whatsoever.

I really believe there has been a mix up and I pray that they can fix this so I can access my account on

NeoBits again.

This error indicates you have been blocked by the site owner/operator, contact them for help.

I have never touched the firewall settings on my Macbook Pro, In fact it shows it is turned off as main setting currently. How could I violate firewall settings if I have never messed with firewall settings on my computer?

It has nothing to do with you; the site has blocked you (either your IP directly, or as part of a larger block).

Well as a trusted user if the company blocked me personally, thety would have blocked me on their other owned sites.

And I have not been blocked personally, upon using my mobile hotspot, which has a different IP, I am able to login to my account and able to use as usual.

I believe it could just be a bug in their system and a widescale. As my main IP address has not once ever changed. Inn fact I would have to pay my internet provider to use a static ip and i think even pay them for a new dynamic ip.

Any ideas, on what I could do. like get different router. Because this has happened on other sites and then a few days or week later others like me, were able to access.

I do know this company has suffered various DDOS Attacks this year. along with others. And it these attacks occurred frequently after they banned certain countries due to these countries having many users who were using bots and farming.

I beleive countries like China were banned by Neobits. So if I can access their site on other IP addresses and even in icognito mode on my phone main data, but not on my wifi, i think it has to be another attack. As if my IP was blocked, for breaking rules my account would have been deleted and closed as well, of which it is not

Reach out to the company for help. They have applied the block and only they can remove it.

It may not be targeting you as an individual, it could be your entire ISP, or an attacker in your subnet, or a miscondiguration on their part.

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