Access Denied?*

Any reason why I would be access denied for a site I never used till now? First time I’ve ever opened and I’m blocked or denied access? Not even a captcha or anything just denied wow. At least when Cloudflare asks me on other sites I’m never blocked or denied entry because I can complete the captcha.

I’m no where near a bot or ddos’er.

More than likely, the website owner has blocked a specific identifier, such as IP address range, country, User Agent String, etc. You’d have to contact them to find out why you’re blocked. Send them the Ray ID so they can search for it in the firewall logs.

How would I do that? When I can’t even contact them or get contact information again that’s random since that’s my first time opening that website. If it’s just a blanket system than that is very inefficient mass blocking people with no real reason and never used their site before. It would be one thing if it was just this computer but my other devices wow. Probably the first time I’ve seen Cloudflare stop me from anything.

It could be based upon your ISP. Try a mobile connection. The owner has configured their firewall to block certain visitors. Only they can unblock you.

It works on my phone without the wifi but again that doesn’t make sense especially when I never opened their site till a little while ago. I guess contact them a figure it out - it’s more annoyance than anything. I guess my government system isn’t good enough for them.

Which hopefully will happen because I shouldn’t have to be relegated to my mobile phone for blanket systems period. But, knowing how they’ve never even updated their social medias in over a year proves that might be unfruitful. Good job Cloudflare you do good sometimes and sometimes you don’t especially for someone who works in the United States Government.

Edit: I would like to point this out I just circumvented it so I must ask why allow such blanket systems? I highly doubt I will hear anything from that site so I took maters into my own hands. I shouldn’t need to use my phone just to access a site when I clearly did nothing to them to warrant that. If I was for example a botnet or part of one I could understand but I’m clearly not. Again thanks for trying and I appreciate it but I would suggest better ways on blocking people. Blanket or carpet blocking people will not solve a sites problems.

Hi @Trevor.MacEwan,

Cloudflare offers various different ways, but it’s up to the website what they configure.

Closing this now, as we can’t help - only they can change their settings.