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Hello guys, I’m totally new to here and to all of this, related to cloudfare.

I don’t understand why I can’t access ripio dot com

I have NODL bluetooth crypto app that’s listed on ripio and that’s why I want to access it, but it gives 1020 error and gives this “Ray ID: 7536e0393e6f959d”

I don’t even know what Ray ID is, could anyone please help me out?

Unfortunately there’s not much Cloudflare can do, as this is the result of a website owner blocking you.

This likely isn’t specifically targeted toward you, but instead they might be:

  • blocking specific countries
  • blocking specific IP addresses (or your Internet Service Provider)
  • blocking specific browsers or operating systems

Aside from reaching out to the website owner and giving them the Ray ID (which they can search for in the Firewall Overview tab of the Cloudflare dashboard to find out why you are being blocked), there’s not anything you can do.

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