Access Denied: Receiving a 1020 Error Code

One of our support team members are receiving a 1020 Error Code. She is located in Costa Rica and when she logins into the sites within a short amount of time she gets flagged. We have about 100 sites we maintain.

I already have allowlisted her IP Address. But this error keeps returning. Any other solutions we can try?

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Are you matching the Ray ID from the block page with the incident in your Cloudflare log? It should tell you why the connection is being blocked. That should help you create a better rule to allow to the connection.

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No, where do I locate the Cloudflare log. This is where I currently am looking.

Try going down one more on the left to Security.

Here is what I see not sure where to go from here

This is the IP address I allowed that is still being blocked

ID is not pulling up with searched

That is where you will want to search for it. How recent is that Ray ID? Your search is looking at the past 24 hours.

yesterday at 3:56 pm

Assuming Costa Rica time, that should be within the search window. It might still be worth obtaining a new current Ray ID and searching as close to real time as possible.

I can’t get any results for this report - Is there anything else you recommend?

Beside Allow IP Address what else do you recommend doing?

Without knowing why it is being blocked, it is hard to offer any specific advice. Have you already reviewed the Community #tutorial on error 1020?

Searched her IP Address for this report and this came up

Does this help any?

Hi there,

I can see that is pointing to SaaS provider who manages your hostname using our SSL for SaaS solution.
I assume this 1020 is coming from this SaaS provider side.
You may want to check on your SaaS provider to see if they are blocking any requests.

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