Access denied from Google Chrome when warp+doh mode is active

Hi everybody

This is the message that returns Access from Google Chrome when warp+doh is active:{“message”:“Forbidden. You don’t have permission to view this. Please contact your system administrator.”,“status_code”:403,“aud”:“f17599bc96ef929f7e52384ded896e097daeb025181d8c46329c4c1a505d4bce”,“ray_id”:“7a8b7f3f3911ff1c”,“ip_address”:“fd01:573b:19c2::85”,“gateway_account_id”:“”,“device_id”:“”,“is_warp”:true,“is_gateway”:true,“mtls_status”:“NONE”}

If I only have doh mode active the access is correct. It’s problem is only from Google Chrome, from Firefox is work perfect when warp+doh is active.

Have you hot any idea to resolved it?

The problem was resolved without any intervention.