Access denied for a website and I have never violated any rule

Hi there,
I cannot access, and it is really annoying. I’ve never violated any firewall regulations or did anything harmful. However, I receive Error 1020. Neither do I have the time to investigate that too much, nor the desire. The only thing I did, is buying Avast anti-virus program. Could that be the problem? What should I do in order to be able to access the website again?

You can certainly try disabling Avast for that website. Beyond that, you would have to contact the website owner to find out why you’re not allowed on their site.


The site owner is the only one that can tell why the request is being blocked. Contact them with the Ray ID shown with the error 1020 to find out more.


Unfortunately, I cannot contact any of them. They do not provide with that option.

I get the 1020 on this site also, which I’ve never seen before anywhere else. Their firewall is over-sensitively configured… And yeah, the block page gives you no way to contact the site owner. One of the failings of the CloudFlare block page imo—UX fail—and it’ll never be bettered unless…

There are the usual ways: WHOIS records (anonymized email address), or find a network connection that’s not blocked from access so you can check the site for contact info. Otherwise, they probably don’t want to be contacted.

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Since the instructions on the website do not work for me (When I choose Overview, there isn’t any Advances Actions’’ and I do not find any other way) ‘’ To temporarily pause Cloudflare:

  1. Navigate to the Overview tab in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Click Pause Cloudflare on Site at the bottom-right of the page under Advanced Actions .’’

Could you please tell me how can I temporarily pause Cloudflare?

Can you please post a screenshot of those instructions from the Error 1020 page?

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