Access Cloudflare Pages Build Log


We are migrating form Netlify for our static pages and one thing I noticed is that there is no way for individual developers to access the build log (ex. after a failed build) without a Cloudflare account. Adding them wouldn’t be a problem except that for non-enterprise accounts you can only add admins. This is potential security issue for us because we are already using Cloudflare’s other products (registry, DNS, Zero Trust), which would give those developers admin access to those tools.

Has anyone come up with a workaround for this? The ideal solution I’m looking for is if in the PR and/or commit status in Github there was a quick link to the build log.

I know this is something the team do want to address in the future. Something similar was discussed in the community call today on the Discord (the Pages team is very active there), so I’d definitely join that if you want the most up to date information about Pages.

For now, you could hook something up yourself using the API if you wanted, since deploy logs are available there:

If you’re using GitHub Actions, you could combine this with GitHub - WalshyDev/cf-pages-await: Wait for your Cloudflare Pages builds to finish!, wait for the build to be done, and then go fetch the logs for it and add them as a comment to the PR or your own internal tools.

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