Access blocked by IP address but blocked


Access was also possible from PC with · · ·


  1. Make sure That is the Public IP by services like this one.
  2. Make sure Firewall is active (orange cloud)


Why can I access???
I don’t understand

・My PC’s IP

・server URL


・oragen cloud


Try this URL:

It should show you the IP address it thinks you’re connecting from.



Is it necessary to enter IPv6 and block it?
Is not it good for IPv4?


Also, even if I set a whitelist, is it possible to access when using an
address other than whitelist?

In that case, I think that whitelist has no meaning


So…you’ll have to block the IPv6 address, as that’s what’s showing up in the Trace.

Whitelist is good if:

  1. There’s something you do that constantly trips a firewall rule.
  2. You’ve blocked/challenged an IP address range that would normally apply to you.

Now…what is it you were hoping to accomplish? A whitelist by itself won’t block everybody else.