Access Blocked After Configuring WAF and Firewall Rules on Cloudflare (Dummy Data)

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m dealing with a challenging scenario where, even after carefully configuring the WAF and firewall rules in Cloudflare, access to my website continues to be blocked. I would like to point out that the following information are fictional examples to illustrate the problem I am investigating in the real environment.

Settings I performed:

I implemented a firewall rule to limit access to a specific subdomain, allowing only specific IPs.
I defined a list of fictitious IP addresses that, theoretically, should have access to the subdomain.
Despite being sure that the rules were configured as expected and waiting the appropriate time for the configurations to propagate, access to the website via the allowed IPs is not happening.

Firewall Rules (Fictional Example):

( eq "" and not ip.src in {})

Note: The IPs above are fictitious examples.

I’m looking for suggestions or possible steps that may have been overlooked to correct this situation. Any idea what else could be causing this blockage? Thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can offer.


This is my configuration screen

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